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Markit Lawyers Sponsoring the Purple Bombers in 2018

Markit Lawyers
The Purple Bombers are pleased to welcome back Maria and Markit Lawyers for the 2018 season. Maria has been a terrific supporter of the Purple Bombers and has increased her support from a Red sponsorship to Purple in 2018. The support from Maria will enable us to invest in our new lines of merchandise and commence planning for our main event of the year – our celebration of IDAHOT Night (International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia.)
Maria from Markit Lawyers & Purple Bombers Victory Room

Maria is the sole practitioner and commenced running the firm in November 2013. Markit Lawyers practice areas focusing on property, business and leasing, Family Law & Wills and Powers of Attorney. They have sensible costs and are known as ‘The Least Lawyerly Lawyer’!

Why sponsor the Purple Bombers?

  • Loved the idea of the Purple Bombers so joined as a member in 2016, now on to my third consecutive year.
  • When sponsorships were discussed in 2017, I decided I would rather give money to a coterie with values/cause behind it.
  • Love the fact that the Bombers as a club push for inclusion and equality for all members, and support the Purple Bombers work fully.
  • Very proud to be assisting with leading the charge for inclusion/acceptance/equality.
  • Have met some great Purple Bombers members & committee members and couldn’t imagine NOT hanging with them  during pre-game functions. So much fun!
  • Have many LGBTIQ friends and I feel good knowing I can support issues which are key to their lives.


For more information about Markit Lawyers and their services, please visit – http://www.markitlawyers.com.au/

Purple Bombers sponsorships for the 2018 season are still available. Please contact us via vicepresident@purplebombers.com or see https://purplebombers.com/sponsorships/