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Monthly Red Membership

$10.75 / month for 12 months

Show your support with a Regular Red membership and join us at our invite-only IDAHOBIT function.



Membership Seasons run from the 1st of October until the 30th of September each year. However, you can sign up to become a member at any time throughout the year. Your Purple Bombers membership will remain active while your subscription remains active. 

Please note: Some annual benefits are only provided to members during certain periods of the year, depending on their signup date and Membership Season…

Members packs will be sent before Round 1 each year or within 10 working days of purchase during the season. (Before Sept 30th 2019)

Additional information


An Exclusive 2019 5 Year Celebration Members Beanie.

Quarterly Purple Bombers Newsletter

Exclusive Purple Bombers Newsletter, provided quarterly via email

Invited to Pruchase

Invitation to purchase into the exclusive EFC Coterie Members BBQ with a 50% discount

Pride Night Ticket

One ticket to attend the Purple Bombers Pride Night held on IDAHOBIT day

EFC Training Session

Opportunity to watch an EFC training session prior to the Pride Game


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