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Part of the fabric of the Essendon Footy Club

Just before the Christmas break, our Committee President Jason Tuazon-McCheyne visited Essendon HQ to stand alongside the team and chat about the 2017 season.

With the #comebackstory leading Essendon’s 2017 season campaign, both the club and the Purple Bombers committee agree that this partnership is truly a game-changer. Essendon have been (successfully) striving to become the most inclusive club in the AFL and with Purple Bombers by their side, along with other historical initiatives such as the work with Indigenous communities and the Essendon Womens Network, the 2017 season is sure to be a stand out.

Having been a strong supporter since the inception of the committee in 2014, and with Purple Bombers becoming an official coterie, Essendon FC are making waves in the AFL community and leading change for the LGBTI community. “We’re honestly a big part of the fabric of the footy club” says Jason.

The Purple Bombers official ambassadors include Brendan Goddard, founding member of the coterie group, as well as Michael Hartley and Orazio Fantasia.

Jason credits the success of Purple Bombers to the support of these players. “With their unwavering support, the membership of Purple Bombers for 2017 is off to a flying start.”

Part of the membership packs is branded merchandise such as the beanies and now also the scarf. Of the beanies that some of the players were wearing at the visit to the True Value Solar Centre, Michael Hurley asked Jason “Why didn’t I get one?!”. …The beanies are clearly hot property! And the Purple Bombers committee are pretty proud of the support they’re getting.

One of the goals of the committee is to get 500 members in 5 years. Jason sees this as being a reality and can see the progress made already within the first 2 years of the committee’s inception. “I think people are really starting to understand the work we’re doing and what our mission is, and that’s the stamp out homophobia and to create a safe environment for both footy supporters and for players”.

Purple Bombers and Essendon Football Club