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Purple Bombers members rally at EFC events!

It’s been a very exciting last month, with two events held where we could all meet and greet the Bombers players!

Friends and fans meet up at Family Day
Family Day on Sunday 19th February saw some classic Melbourne weather – sunny in the morning, then moving to overcast, and then rainy and windy in the afternoon. But that didn’t stop us and our wonderful PB family from coming out and enjoying the day. Watching the players train was encouraging, and it started to hit home how close the season is from launching. From music and entertainment to the food trucks, and everything in between, the day was lots of fun.

Our Memberships Coordinator David Longrasso, and fellow Purple Bombers committee member Lisa Caruana were meeting and greeting friends and family, and introducing the Purple Bombers to Bombers fans who may not have met us yet. We were extremely grateful to have signed up 12 members on the day – it’s great to see how our story is touching people’s lives and they see the value in joining the PB squad and helping to promote our cause.

We also got a chance to sign up a family of 4 to our newly created Family membership. Their daughter, pictured below, was so thrilled to have our beanie (a merchandise item available in all our member packs) – didn’t she look adorable?!

Essendon Family Day 2017

Although our marquee was being held down by some of our committee members throughout the afternoon, through the wind and rain, we had a blast that day and hope everyone who attended enjoyed themselves too!


Players pose for pics at the Essendon Coaches BBQ
More recently, on the 1st of March was the Coaches BBQ at True Value Solar Centre. It was something we had been counting down because it was a really exclusive opportunity for us and our members to meet with the players and the coaching staff.

Our President Jason Tuazon-McCheyne had some good chats with Brendon Goddard and Dyson Heppell, and many more of the players, getting insights into the plans for the first few games of the season. CEO Xavier Campbell spoke to the crowd about the strength that the players, the staff, and all fans had shown over the last year or so, and commented that it’s coteries like the Purple Bombers that help to shape the future of the club. He reiterated that the club is striving to be the most inclusive club in the AFL.

What was great was that even the likes of Simon Madden and Kevin Sheedy were there too. We don’t think anybody missed the opportunity to shake hands with these guys and show their admiration and appreciation for how the club has re-gnited the fire in every one of us, with the #comebackstory in full swing!

In between meeting with some of our members, our committee members were just as keen to get photos with the players as all the other guests – such a highlight of the year so far and so great to meet some of the new players joining the team in 2017.

Essendon EFC Coaches BBQ 2017

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